UWP is looking for a PA 211 Executive Director

Job Description

Title: Pennsylvania 211 Executive Director

PA 211 is seeking a collaborative leader to serve the Executive Director Role. In partnership with United Way of Pennsylvania, PA 211 strives to offer high quality health and human services information and referral statewide through a network of regional partners. PA 211 is a service that is available to any Pennsylvanian, regardless of income level, to assist with a variety of needs from help with utilities or housing, to employment services or supports for seniors and veterans. PA 211’s network, powered by a unified statewide database, is poised for its next phase of growth. The position will primarily work from the corporate headquarters of United Way of Pennsylvania (UWP) and Pennsylvania 211, located in the Harrisburg, PA area.

Reports to: UWP President


  1. Work with the PA 211 board to conceive, develop and implement strategy and tactical plans which position 211 to be a valuable partner which can effectively serve the information and referral needs of Pennsylvanians.
  2. Provide business development and management leadership to PA 211 which positions PA 211 service as the place to turn for health and human services information and referrals.
  3. Represent PA 211 and promote positive relationships in business associations with regional 211 contact centers, community organizations, funders and professional organizations.

Core Functions of the Job:

Provide executive leadership for PA 211 as directed by the PA 211 board, and in partnership with the United Way of Pennsylvania. Serve as the lead relationship from PA 211 to the UWP President and UWP Board.

Ensure that the strategic plan, goals and objectives adopted by the PA 211 board are implemented. Provide regular monitoring and reporting to the board to measure progress on goals and objectives. Gather and share information, and exercise professional judgment to help the PA 211 board make well-informed strategic and operational decisions.

Develop strong relationships with regional provider partners to achieve a high quality and consistent core 211 experience for customers statewide.

Responsible for administration of PA 211 operations, including: managing staff, development of annual budgets for PA 211 programs, reviewing and evaluating the results of program activities, ensure that continuing contractual obligations for PA 211 are being fulfilled; allocate resources for greater program effectiveness and efficiency.

Collaborate with UWP President and PA 211 board to secure funding for the planning, enhancement and sustainability of PA 211. Prepare funding proposals and develop work plans that strategically align with PA 211 and UWP goals and priorities.

Assure effective data collection and quality assurance, as well as data reporting to key partners, and data to support effective advocacy for 211 by UWP and other partners.

Ensure coordination of the activities of the statewide 211 system, including appropriate technology infrastructure for an integrated, statewide 211 system that enables PA 211 to be positioned to join national 211 data efforts.

Develop and maintain excellent working relationships with United Ways, public and private organizations, and state agencies in order to foster broad awareness about and support of PA 211’s mission, goals and values.

Develop and maintain excellent working relationships with United Way Worldwide 211 staff, US 211 and the Alliance for Information and Referral Systems. Actively participate in national 211 planning and development activities to represent the interests and goals of PA 211.

Ensure compliance with grants and contracts held by PA 211, or by UWP on behalf of PA 211.


Demonstrated skills and/or successful experience in project management, complex issues management and/or multiple project sites involving regional and statewide partners.  

Demonstrated skills and/or experience in coalition-building and project collaboration with multiple public and private organizations.

Demonstrated experience in effective fundraising, including grant-writing.

Ability to leverage opportunities to work collectively to address health and human services challenges using data and technology.

Ability to build strong interpersonal relationships, and manage complex relationships.

Efficient and effective work habits; familiarity with the use of relevant computer software including, but not limited to, Word, Outlook, Excel.

Excellent verbal and written communications skills.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree required, plus a minimum two years of experience with significant responsibility for strategic leadership of an organization
    • Experience with project management
    • Preferred experience with health and human services information and referral
    • Extensive statewide travel is required, limited out of state travel will also be expected
    • Ability to operate a motor vehicle, or to provide your own reliable transportation to and from the office as well as required statewide travel

Salary and Benefits: 

The PA 211 Executive Director will be employed by United Way of Pennsylvania. UWP provides a competitive benefits package which includes health insurance, vision, dental, a 401(k) match, and paid time off, including flexible holidays.

Salary range for this position is $65,000 to $80,000, depending on experience and qualifications.

To Apply:

Please submit a cover letter, resumé and persuasive writing sample to info@uwp.org. Applications must include all three parts in order to be considered.