Share Your ALICE Story

Financial Struggles

We need your personal ALICE story to paint a better picture of the issue. Your input will compliment the data found in our ALICE Report for PA. In order to ask lawmakers to fund programs preventing the hardship that ALICE faces, and mobilize Pennsylvanians to stand up for ALICE, we need to put a face on the issue. Without real stories from real people, our data won’t have the impact required to create positive change for ALICE in PA.

So, if you want to help in our efforts to make policy changes that benefit all Pennsylvanians, please click “Share Your ALICE Story” below, and write a description of your financial struggle on the next page. Although we ask for a few contact details, we will NOT publish your name or add you to a mailing list without permission. If you opt in, we may contact you asking if you’d like to be involved further.  Thanks for your support! #PAforALICE!