Support Continued Funding for PA 211!

2020 proved that PA 211 is highly-adaptable to meet the needs of individuals in our communities and to provide a reliable place to turn for help in the midst of lots of uncertainty. PA 211 served more than 170,000 users through web search for resources, and another 260,000 Pennsylvanians via phone through a 25/7/365 live answer contact center network. This includes 70,000 individuals who reached out for help by phone and had never contacted PA 211 before. When COVID-19 brought with it widespread economic impacts to PA households due to loss of work, as well as remote learning access challenges and needs for additional support for individuals who needed home-delivered food and meals, PA 211 rose to the challenge. State funding helps PA 211 make sure it can continue to deliver necessary service to people all across our state. Please contact your legislators to urge them to support PA 211, including with continued funding in the state budget.

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