Our Goals

  1. Increase school readiness
  2. Ensure students read at grade level by third grade
  3. Success in middle grades and on-time high school graduation
  4. Encourage overall educational experience which prepares young adults to obtain employment in today's economy
  5. Increase accessibility to high-quality affordable child care.

UWP Supports

  • Ensuring all children have access to consistent, high quality, and affordable early learning and all families are trained on parenting skills and child development.
  • Promoting research-based parent and community engagement programs to reduce non-academic barriers to learning throughout the school years.
  • Ensuring all children have access to high-quality and affordable child care options that aid in early learning development.
  • Employing targeted interventions and earl
  • y warning indicators in order to identify truant students and students at risk of dropping out and provide those students with tailored school, family and community supports to complete high school.
  • Increasing opportunities for education re-entry for disconnected youth who have discontinued their edu-cation, including support for interagency dropout recovery systems.
  • Encouraging public-private partnerships to support education, including the PA Education Improvement Tax Credits, the arts, and science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs.
  • Incentivizing the recruitment and retention of high quality educational and pupil support personnel, particularly in schools with the greatest need.
  • Enhancing out-of-school time programs that improve academic, social and workforce development skills in all off-school time hours, including nights, weekends and summers.
  • Credentialing, training and compensation programs for early childhood educators which are aligned with standards and benchmarks to assure all children in Pennsylvania have access to high quality early learning opportunities.
  • Incentives for aligning school activities with Pennsylvania’s projected work force needs in order to pre-pare Pennsylvania’s kids for high-demand, family sustaining jobs.