Financial Stability

Pennsylvania faces work force shortages in several sectors, including the science and technology, health care and accounting fields. And as Pennsylvania’s population ages, our population is at risk of decline which will impact the economic health and competitiveness of the commonwealth.  

(1) If elected Governor, please describe your economic development and workforce investment strategies to address these workforce shortages and create more career pipelines for Pennsylvania’s future work force?


Tax credits, such as the Earned income Tax Credit, are an important tax policy which keeps thousands of working Pennsylvania families out of poverty and helps them pay essential bills. In 2016, over 900,000 Pennsylvanians claimed the federal EITC, which allowed for $2.1 billion to be spent in Pennsylvania communities. 

(2) If elected Governor, would you support a state Earned Income Tax Credit, which is currently offered by twenty-six other states?  


CHIP provides essential health benefits, including behavioral health services, to over 100,000 children in Pennsylvania and over 9 million children in the United States.  Healthcare contributes to financial stability since an emergency for someone who does not have healthcare can push a working family into poverty. 

(3) As Governor, what would you do to make sure working families have access to quality, affordable health care for their children through CHIP? What policy changes would you support at a state level to increase access and affordability for working adults who don’t have employer-sponsored healthcare? 


Pennsylvania is a state with some of the strongest predatory lending laws, which prohibit predatory lenders from taking advantage of individuals with limited to no income.  In recent legislative sessions, there has been some push to change these laws, which would make it easier for predatory lenders to sell products to low-income individuals perpetuating their cycle of debt and thus prevent their advancement out of poverty. 

(4) If elected Governor, how would your administration respond to proposals of more lenient predatory lending laws in Pennsylvania?