Our Goals

  1. Improve access to healthcare
  2. Promote personal responsibility for achieving a healthy lifestyle, with a strong prevention foundation

Our Strategy

Local United Ways support programs that encourage healthy behaviors for all ages, including children and the elderly. Encouraging health and prevention maximizes the time our elderly relatives and neighbors can spend living a quality life in their own homes, and helps children build good habits that will benefit them over a lifetime. United Way of Pennsylvania supports the following public policies to achieve our goals and achieve of healthier lives for everyone:

  • Expanding access to vital health care programs including Medicaid and CHIP which provide all essential health benefits including behavioral health services.
  • Assuring that payment policies and quality measures support the development of a viable provider network to meet the demands of increased access.
  • Lowering infant mortality rates by improving health care access and quality for high-risk pregnant women, mothers and newborns in at-risk communities, including racially, ethnically and linguistically diverse communities.
  • Combatting preventable chronic diseases through the promotion of strategies that support wellness and healthy lifestyles.
  • Improving access to affordable healthy food and beverages and creating opportunities for physical activity programs in schools and neighborhoods to reduce childhood obesity.
  • Ensuring older adults have access to home and community-based supports in order to maximize their choice to age in place.

How You Can Help

Contact your local United Way to find out how you can support the health of your community.