United Way Worldwide Messaging 101 Materials

United Way Worldwide has released a new guide for network members crafting communications. It’s called United Way Messaging 101 and UWP encourages our members to browse through it. In addition, several brochures and one-pagers have been released. Please see the links below to download them for your marketing campaign.

My Free Taxes

Use some key messages to market myfreetaxes.com. You can also put out a press release in your local area to bring more awareness for use of myfreetaxes.com.

General 211

As of 2019, 211 has undergone a brand refresh. For details about complying to the new brand standards, you can watch this 20-minute webinar presented by UWP. All of the new branding resources are available on our Google Drive.

PA 211 Social Media Videos

Use the links below to publish specific 211 shorts to your social media accounts:

  • PA 211 System
  • PA 211 and Disaster Relief
  • PA 211 Overview
  • PA 211 and Seniors
  • PA 211 and Substance Abuse

EITC Awareness Day

Provided are some messages to use for EITC Awareness Day, which occurs late in January.

You can also utilize the following graphics to include in social media messages.

Media Contacts

Below are links to media contacts broken down by region throughout the state. Some contacts also include out-of-state media sources.