United Way of PA announces new career opening: PA 2-1-1 Special Projects Manager

Due to the growth and expansion of PA 2-1-1, United Way of PA is seeking canditates for a new position to work with PA 2-1-1's partners, providers, and staff to help PA 2-1-1 meet strategic goals. 

Full Position Description Available Here 

United Way of Pennsylvania offices are located in Harrisburg, PA, and the PA 2-1-1 Operations Director works remotely in the Pittsburgh area. The requirements of this position can be completed from a home office, and the hiring manager is accepting applications from all areas of Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania residency is required to accommodate in-state travel required by this position.
The salary range for this position is $40,000 to $45,000 depending on experience and qualifications. Competitive employee benefits package includes health, dental, and vision coverage provided for full-time employees of UWP, paid time off, and work-related travel reimbursement. A 401(k) employer match contribution is available to full-time employees after one year of service is completed.
Interested candidates should apply by sending a cover letter, resume’ and sample project management report developed by the candidate to info@uwp.org by August 30, 2018.
For full details and qualifications, please see the full job description.