YMCA Health Equity Tour

Throughout the rest of the year, YMCA and Pennie will be hosting a Health Equity Tour across the state. This tour aspires to reduce health inequities by providing individual health education to combat risk behaviors, reduce barriers to access to health care for disease and injury prevention, and improve living conditions.

The YMCA and Pennie will be offering information and resources at these events, about:

  • COVID-19 Education
  • PA’s COVID Alert App Education
  • Pennie Education regarding Health Insurance
  • BP screening
  • Dietitian Consultation
  • Oral Health Education
  • Mammogram and Pap Testing Screening for PA-BCCEDP
  • Tobacco Cessation Education and PA’s Free Quitline
  • YMCA’s Evidence-Based Health Intervention Education
  • PA 211 Education
  • Distributing PPE materials
  • Health Literacy
  • Mental Health Education
  • Flu Education

Coming soon to a location near you! See the schedule and learn more at the Harrisburg Area YMCA’s website.

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