What Is 2-1-1?

Nonprofits like United Way and various government agencies provide excellent programs to support people in need. The problem: The people who need these programs often don’t know they exist.

Most Pennsylvanians only need to dial 2-1-1 to be connected with an operator who has access to a database of health and human services available in your local communities.

Learn more about PA 2-1-1 and how it can benefit every resident of our state.

How 2-1-1 is helping Pennsylvanians?

Learn more about PA 2-1-1:

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  • PA 2-1-1 Overview
  • PA 2-1-1 and Seniors
  • PA 2-1-1 and Substance Abuse

Interested in Sharing About 2-1-1?

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View this document for a map of PA 2-1-1 regions. For alternate phone numbers to the 2-1-1 call centers please click here.

Or visit the following web sites for more information: