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September 3, 2021
United Way of PA and the Early Learning Investment Commission Release Child Care Report on Working Families and Businesses
Harrisburg, PA – United Way of Pennsylvania (UWP) in partnership with the Early Learning Investment Commission (ELIC) releases a report which demonstrates that both employers and workers recognize child care is essential to Pennsylvania’s economic rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic. The Child Care is Essential for Working Families and Businesses report combines the results from ELIC’s survey of business leaders in...
June 11, 2021
United Way of PA Second COVID-19 Impact Survey Results Illuminate the Difficult Road towards Financial Recovery
Harrisburg, PA – United Way of Pennsylvania (UWP) conducted a second COVID-19 Impact Survey one year after the Governor’s Emergency Declaration, with returns showing that many households continue to struggle, including working families. Pennsylvanians have greater concern about mental health and well-being, and responses show a 10 percent increase in...
March 16, 2021
Resilient PA Grassroots Network Launches to Help Pennsylvania Communities Grow and Flourish Beyond Trauma
Harrisburg, Pa. (March 16, 2021) — United Way of Pennsylvania announces today that it is launching a statewide network to connect local organizations who want to help support individuals through a trauma-informed approach which recognizes various forms of trauma and adverse events. This coalition, called “Resilient PA – Growing and...
February 11, 2021
Record-Breaking Numbers of Pennsylvanians Turned to PA 211 Network for Help in 2020
Harrisburg, PA – On February 11, PA 211 Day, United Way and the Pennsylvania 211 network are celebrating the ability to connect from hello to help for more than 430,000 individuals who sought help via phone, text, or web search, and re-committing to be there for Pennsylvanians as our state...
January 26, 2021
Record Number of ALICE Families Struggled to Afford Household Essentials as COVID-19 Hit
These families have little to no savings and are most concerned about their ability to afford housing costs Before COVID-19 hit, almost 1.4 million Pennsylvania households were already one emergency away from financial ruin — a 10-year record high — setting the stage for the unprecedented economic impact of the...
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