Finance and Revenue Enhancement Committee
Lucy Zander (Chair)
Bill Jackson (Vice Chair)
Michael Albert
Kate Houstoun
Joanne Troutman
Nominating and Governance Committee
Andy Dessel (Chair)
Rick Bloomingdale
Julie DeSeyn
Ron Frick
Lynette Praster
Personnel Committee
Anthony Andrisano (Chair)
Marissa Christie
Bill Jackson
Public Policy Committee
Natalie Williams (Chair)
Jennifer Reis (Vice Chair)
Kathy Armillei
Alyssa Cholodofsky
Lynda Culver
Julie DeSeyn
Ben Eison
Brandon Engle
Anne Gingerich
Andrea Heberlein
Mike Jaruszewicz
Dan LaVallee
Adrienne Mael
Kelly Malone
Allen Norton
Leslie Osche
Megan Rose
Judy Schwank
Shawn Smith
Member Services Committee
Will Price (Co-Chair)
Andy Dessel
Katie Fink
Kelly Malone
Audrey Lilley
Mira Thompson
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