2024 NET Inclusion Conference

Kristen Rotz and Ivan Ruiz-Swartz, along with representatives from UW of Greater Philadelphia, Southern New Jersey, and UW of Southwestern PA, participated in the 2024 NET Inclusion Conference in Philadelphia. The conference, organized by NDIA, brought together over 1,300 individuals from various sectors, including digital equity, digital literacy, broadband expansion, local and federal government, and Indigenous nations. The United Way/PA 211 partnership for digital navigation networks in southeast and southwest PA was featured in a general session.

The conference focused on digital equity issues and innovative initiatives like device repurposing and infrastructure development. As the topic gains momentum, United Ways will continue to monitor and promote initiatives to improve the network’s infrastructure. The focus on digital equity will continue as local United Ways deepens their work.

Paula Umaña from United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey presented to the National Digital Inclusion Alliance (NDIA) Net Inclusion conference, describing inter-connectivity of the digital navigation network partnership, where 211 serves as front door to digital navigation services in the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh regions. These services support affordability, access and adoption of high-speed internet. 211 connections are provided by phone, and web site. We encourage all digital inclusion partners to get to know their local or state 211 to explore partnerships.


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