PA 211 Debuts Navigate Resources Database

PA 211 and the regional call centers have been hard at work transitioning to a new resource database called Navigate Resources (NR). NR has significant advantages over the previous database which will help call specialists be more efficient and allow for improved data gathering and reporting for better planning and decision making.   The benefits to the 211 regions include integration with Google maps to show all possible resources on a map interface, multi directional workflow which allows flexibility in collecting data, customizable data collection tools, user friendly resource data add/update process, the ability to text and e-mail referrals and updates (the texting component is even automated!) The system has a Data Mart which makes information readily available to regional managers to be able to make informed decisions.     

The resource database has also been made customer facing to allow citizens to complete their own guided category, keyword and taxonomy searches via the PA 211 website ( This is a work in progress which the 211 team will continue to refine.   

Another feature of NR is that the software automatically contacts each service resource in the database via e-mail on an annual basis, requesting that the resource record be updated. This tool will prompt LUW partners to update their data which is a condition of their agreement with the LUW. Updating resource records regularly ultimately leads to a cleaner resource database and to higher efficiency for Call Specialists and better service to 211 customers.      

Accessibility and reliability of data is important because PA 211 is regularly contacted by various organizations, such as Magellan Behavioral Health and the State Health Improvement Plan board, seeking access to 211 data on a variety of topics.  We are looking for pilot opportunities to lease that data to trusted and well vetted partners.    From a data mining perspective, NR makes access to valuable information easy through a wide range of customizable standard and ad hoc reporting capabilities. These reports can be automated via an Application Programming Interfaces (API) to provide regular data updates for 211 Counts, ALICE and other purposes.    

Global Results Framework Shows PA Impact

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211 Statewide Marketing Resources

Do you need basic 211 materials with the new branding? Files for 211 flyers and business cards are now available! These are great for explaining what 211 is to the general public, and listing the ways to get help.

You can find them at our Google Drive.

The files are PDF print, full color, with crop and bleed, for print use only. They are not intended for customization or digital use. These files will be obsolete in a few months when UWP launches the new 211 website, and shuts down the provisional 211 search site listed here.

211 Day Resources

This year, PA 211 will mark two milestones! Our state is 100% covered by 211 and we are debuting PA 211 Counts at

To help celebrate 211 Day in PA, UWP staff will be sending out a toolkit full of ready to use items. We plan on including:

  • A press release template where you can use PA 211 Counts to pull your local data and plug it in
  • Social media graphics and messaging
  • Newsletter language

To learn about PA 211 Counts, check out our how-to guide or watch the webinar below:

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