The following form is for interest in signing up for Quarterly Staff Calls. As soon as we have a base list of interested parties, we will send out Doodle Polls to schedule our first meetings this fall. We have three potential opportunities:

  • ALICE Programs/Community Impact: This is open to all staff of every United Way of PA member, regardless of participation in 2020’s ALICE Refresh. This group will focus on Community Impact solutions for both ALICE and the wider community and will give participants an opportunity to troubleshoot, network, and collaborate with their peers.
  • Resource Development: This is for staff to discuss workplace campaigns, fundraising event ideas, leadership giving, obtain grants, and other Resource Development concerns, problems, and potential collaboration.
  • Shared Services/Mergers: This is for CEOs and their delegated representatives to discuss the potential for shared services, regional and statewide collaboration, and potential mergers in a way that’s member-driven and responsive to immediate need.
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