Senate Bill 850, Act Providing for Community Engaged Schools

Senate Bill 850 establishes a new Article in the Public School Code by establishing the Community Engaged Schools for Success Pilot Program to encourage community engagement in the provision of student support services.

The legislation defines “engaged student support services” as services provided to students in a school setting that remove academic and non-academic barriers to success, including: academic success, behavior interventions, community and service learning, family engagement, mental health services, health care services, dental health services, basic needs, college and career preparations, enrichment activities or life skills.

The legislation provides that any school operated by a school district is eligible for designation as a community engaged school if it is ranked in the lowest 15% of the school’s designation as an elementary school or a secondary school based on combined mathematics and reading scores from the previous year or is located in a school district where the acute poverty percentage is equal to or greater than 30%.

Read Senate Bill 850 Here.

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