United Way Survey Seeks to Understand Pandemic Impacts on PA Families

United Way of Pennsylvania is conducting a COVID-19 Impact Survey to assess the financial and household burdens that the COVID-19 Pandemic has caused on our state’s families. This short, confidential survey asks Pennsylvania families about their experience with finances, housing and utilities, child care, food accessibility, transportation and health care during the last year.

An initial COVID-19 Impact Survey was conducted in August of last year, to establish the ways in which Pennsylvania families were affected, five months into the crisis. Results from the 2020 survey can be found at https://www.uwp.org/wp-content/uploads/2020-COVID-19-Impact-on-PA-The-ALICE-Story.pdf. This second survey will compare the situation of families at the beginning of the pandemic, with the current time, over a year into the crisis.

United Way of Pennsylvania represents 44 Local United Ways and United Funds across the Commonwealth that are working to provide support and relief to all individuals and families in their communities. This survey will help inform how to effectively support Pennsylvanians as they recover from the pandemic’s impact.

The United Way network is asking Pennsylvania residents to share their experience in this short confidential survey available at https://bit.ly/UWPsurvey. Your participation is the first step to getting help in your community! The survey is also available in Spanish. The statewide survey is open through March 29th. A state analysis will be available shortly after the survey’s conclusion. No individual or identifying information will be released or shared.

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