Changes to Dental Coverage for Medicaid Members

Pennsylvania is updating the contracts with insurance/health plans that serve Medicaid members in our state. Some of the current plans will no longer be available after September 1. If a member does not choose a new plan, one will be automatically assigned to them by the PA Department of Human Services.

Here is a breakdown of the major changes coming September 1, 2022:

  1. Aetna Better Health will no longer be available anywhere in the state;
  2. Highmark Wholecare (formerly Gateway) will not be available in the Northwest zone;
  3. United Healthcare Community Plan will not be available in the Southwest and Lehigh/Capital zones.

Mailings explaining the new choices have gone out to all Medicaid members. The letter will explain whether the member must choose a new plan, includes a plan comparison chart showing the plans that will be available in the member’s area of the state beginning September 1, and provides instructions for how to change plans.

If you would like more information, you may request printed resources to share in your community. Digital resources are also available for download: English provider sheet, English member sheet, Spanish member sheet.

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