United Way of PA Virtual Conference

Tuesday, June 15, 2021 - Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Conference Agenda

Tuesday June 15th:

9:00am: State of the UWP Network

  • 2020 presented a crisis of unprecedented scale across the world. Local United Ways came together as community conveners and collaborators serving our vulnerable populations. In 2021 and forward, United Way of Pennsylvania will discuss how we can lead the effort to create equitable, resilient communities where the United Way network is relevant and engaged in important, sustainable work.

9:30am: Virtual Fundraising for Small and Medium Sized Organizations

  • Facebook, Twitter, Giving Days, and Virtual Campaigns… it’s a lot for small and medium sized organizations to manage with limited staff capacity and tools. However, with more people switching to permanently remote working operations and a world more virtual every day, virtual fundraising is not an arena local United Ways can afford to ignore. This session will talk about using virtual fundraising to compliment traditional methods and community impact work.

10:20am: Fundraising Breakout Rooms

  • As part of our dedication to bringing a collaborative, peer-to-peer experience, local United Ways will be broken into fundraising breakout groups to discuss best practices, the loop between community impact work and and resource development, and both successes and failures while they network and form ties to lead to collaboration.

10:45am: COVID-19 Recovery Planning for Nonprofits

  • The nonprofit industry, in particular, was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Cost of operations went up while traditional means of collecting donations were made more difficult, and accessing relief money flowing into communities was not always easy. This panel will discuss how nonprofits can access resources to ensure their survival, create sound strategies, and ensure the safety and wellbeing of staff and the community.

11:35am: Regional Breakout Rooms

  • UWP will break up the attendees into regional groups to take time and discuss regional issues, collaboration, community impact work, and share their successes and struggles with their peers. After the groups, we’ll pull the group back together to discuss what we’ve learned and identify patterns across the state.

12:50pm: Closing Remarks

Wednesday June 16th:

9:00am: ALICE as an Advocacy Tool

  • The ALICE Report is a useful tool to advocate for communities across all levels of government and in every sector. This session will discuss how to use the ALICE report to talk to legislators, local policymakers, business leaders, and other nonprofit partners and will showcase successful local programs built on ALICE advocacy.

10:00am: Breakout Rooms to Discuss Local ALICE Programs

  • Local United Ways will be broken into ALICE breakout groups to discuss how they can use the ALICE data to inform their community impact work, create successful programs, target vulnerable populations, and advocate for ALICE both locally and statewide.

10:30am: Using PA 211 Tools and Information for Local United Ways

  • PA 211 is a resource for all of our local United Ways. From programs like 211 Counts, which allows communities to see their needs in real time, to reaching members of our communities who are unable to access our buildings and websites, 211 is a vital part of our local work. PA 211 will present how to use PA 211 and all it’s tools and programs effectively in your communities.

11:20am: Breakout Rooms by Organization Role

  • UWP will break up the attendees into organizational role groups to take time and discuss the unique challenges of their organization role, successes, and struggles with their peers. After the groups, we’ll pull the group back together to discuss what we’ve learned and identify patterns across the state.

12:15pm: Real Talk Problem/Solution Groups

  • Our final breakout group. Attendees will be asked to identify certain problems they would like to have roundtables on throughout the conference – such as HR issues or Creating Equitable communities. Participants will then be able to choose which group they would like to be a part of and will spend the final portion of our conference discussing hard problems and obtaining peer support.

12:45pm: Closing Remarks

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